Questions make you a better developer (Snack Pack #2)

Questions make you a better developer (Snack Pack #2)

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Ask better questions

What makes a good question?

Questions are complex and strange. A bad question won't get you much, a short incomplete answer maybe. A great question can get you a lot further.

Great questions will have at least one of three things.

  • Specificity, but not too much.
  • Phrasing, go in with a better mentality.
  • Curiosity, ask questions that can be hard.


It's easy to see how vague questions have issues. Breaking down larger questions is part of being a developer.

EX: Googling something

How do I code a giant project? // It's too vague, break it down
How do I add to an array in JavaScript? // Much better, actionable


The phrasing might be the most important of this list, you should always look to communicate clearly.

EX: When looking at a project's old code

Why would you code it like this? // Negative phrasing
How can this code be improved? // Better phrasing


Finally, curiosity will bring it all together. These will be questions mostly for yourself. It's hard to have bad questions here, you will still learn.

EX: When asking questions to yourself

How do I become a developer? // Good
How do I become a better developer? // Good
How do I make an existing project a PWA? // Also good

Good luck with whatever you're working on and ask better questions!

My snack pack reads are intended for a quick read without any fluff or BS.

Feedback is always welcome.


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